A valid driver’s license must be provided at the beginning of the rental and must have been held for at least 12 months. To rent a car the renter must be at least 25 years old and have more than 2 years of driver’s license.
All rentals are subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement at the time of rental. Even if a coupon covers the cost of the rental, a credit/debit card imprint will be charged at the beginning of all rentals for security reasons. This credit card imprint could be used to pay for any additional expenses, such as additional insurance, parking tickets, damages, or any other costs associated with the rental vehicle as a result of the renter’s use of the vehicle.
The minimum rental duration is 48 hours. Full-time is considered when the delivery time is one hour or more after the pick-up time.
It is strictly prohibited to take the car out of the country.
When specified vehicle types are not available, we reserve the right to substitute vehicles. We can’t always promise the brand, but we can always guarantee a similar car or an upgrade.
In most cases, the rental vehicle will come with a full tank of gas. The vehicle must be returned full, otherwise a fee will be charged to have the tank refilled, even if only a few liters are missing. If the vehicle’s fuel tank was not full when it was rented, it must be returned with the same amount of gasoline. We will charge the cost of the missing fuel plus an extra €100 if the vehicle is returned with less gasoline than when it was rented.
The local value added tax (VAT) is 21%
In Spain, minor children who do not exceed 135 cm. tall must ride in safety seats while in a vehicle. Child seats are available for a small fee if purchased in advance.
We require a valid credit card number to guarantee your reservation, and we charge your credit card at the time of booking.
This is our policy in case of cancellation;
·        Get a full refund if you cancel more than 24 hours before the rental (100%)
·        Full rental amount will be charged for no-shows or same-day cancellations.
It is always possible to come back early. No refunds are available for unused or partially used car rental coupons unless revisions or cancellations are submitted prior to the pickup date.
Civil liability is equivalent to the amount stipulated by Spanish legislation at all times. This also applies to the amount of liability of the individual driver. Third Party Coverage and Personal Accident Insurance are automatically included in your rental
The amount is charged depending on the vehicle model, if everything is correct when returning the vehicle, it is fully refunded. If, on the other hand, the vehicle is damaged or is not in the same state in which it was delivered, the corresponding part will be deducted so that the vehicle is returned to the same state in which it was delivered.
Our roadside assistance waiver reduces the cost of any assistance to ZERO. I protects you from unexpected service costs as a result of many problems that can occur while traveling in Spain.
The following damages are not covered by any insurance:
·        Damages caused by negligence or drunk driving.
·        Damage to the doors caused by the wind blowing them off.
·        Tire damage.
·        Damage to the underside of the car.
·        Damages caused by driving in water, rivers or off the road.
·        Damage caused to the clutch or other mechanical damage resulting from the negligence or misuse of the vehicle by the renter.
·        Damages caused inside the car.
·        Damage caused by sand.
The following charges are not covered by any insurance:
·        Charges or other cost for assistance required due to breakdown or damage at the driver’s expense.
·        Charges for putting the wrong fuel in the car
·        Charges for loss of accessories, such as a car key or a GPS unit.
·        Service charges and processing fees related to the renter’s use of the automobile, such as speeding tickets, parking fees, and tunnel fees
·        General towing charges, resulting from misuse or mistake.
This rate does not apply when the damages caused are not caused by the lessee. There is a processing fee of €100 for all fines or charges that result from the use of the car by the renter and that the renter does not pay. The company will charge the lessee the fines and fees plus the processing fee mentioned above. If the car is returned very dirty, there is a cleaning fee of €100. This is in the case of an extremely dirty car, especially on the inside. Not for the habitual use of the car. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the car. If someone smokes inside the car, the renter will be responsible for a cleaning fee of €100. The recovery fee to collect the rental car for damages or other reasons that may be related to the responsibility of the renter is €5 per kilometer or a minimum of €200. The charge of €5 per km is calculated from the place of delivery of the vehicle.
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